User manual

Overview of CMS-10R documents

Here you will find all useful documents and instructions for the correct operation of your device.

Product Broschure / Service profiles

CMS-10R Accessories

Antenna cable: CMS-ANT-KAB.pdf

Magnetic pod antenna: CMS-ANT-MAG2/2.5M.pdf

Exterior antenna: CMS-ANT-SPEZ2/5M.pdf

Power supply: HDR-15-24, HDR-30-24.pdf

Temperature / humidity sensor: KS-110.pdf

PT100 / PT1000 amplifier: MV-LKM-274.pdf

Water level sensor: PS1.pdf

Indoor temperature sensor: RF05, RF01-U2-D.pdf

Thermostat: RTBSB-001-010.pdf

Exterior temperature sensor: WF50-EXT-U4.pdf

For all other concerns, please contact the support