Building technology


ComatReleco offers a variety of products for use in building and lighting technology. The portfolio ranges from socket-based industrial relays to field-bus compatible energy measuring devices. Enhanced energy efficiency, increased system availability, comfortable operating are only some of the topics, which are dealt with in this area.


Safely through the winter

The romanticism of huts with mass accommodation and rustic sanitary facilities are definitely no longer in keeping with the times. Today›s alpinist wants to be rewarded with adequate comfort after a completed performance. Mountain huts are adapting to the changing needs and upgrading their buildings with modern infrastructure.

The Doldenhornhütte above Kandersteg records 2500 overnight stays per year. In order to meet today’s demands for comfort and space, the building is to be expanded in the coming years without increasing capacity. The manager of the hut already relies on automated monitoring of the technical infrastructure and its control from a distance.

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Complex systems installed efficiently

Modern buildings are technically very complex and involve many trades such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and various other areas. This sometimes leads to a very high signal density. Those who make space in the control cabinet are at an advantage and are prepared for expansions or adjustments.

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Controls for swimming pools and swimming ponds as well as bio pools and natural pools

In nature, habitats regulate themselves and reach a functional homeostasis. If a biotope is moved to an artificial environment, sophisticated technology is required to achieve a sustainable balance. Those who would like to swim in a bio pool with nonchemical filtering need an automated system for monitoring and control.

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New cars in the best light

Almost all new cars are imported into Switzerland from abroad. Before they go on sale, the appropriate customs formalities must be completed and the cars prepared for handover to the dealers. With around 350,000 first-time road vehicle registrations per year, this involves an enormous expenditure on logistics. Galliker Transport AG handles the distribution to resale points of 23 vehicle brands at its Altishofen site.

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High inrush currents with electronic ballasts

Already for some years now lighting technology has been changing. Classic light bulbs are rapidly being replaced by more energy efficient light sources such as fluorescent lamps or LEDs. However, operating these lighting fixtures requires the deployment of electronic ballast units. The current spike that occurs when the unit is switched on places increased demands on the upstream operating units such as relays and contactors. Inrush currents up to 100 times of the operation current result in the fusing of the contacts already after only a few switching cycles. This phenomenon must be considered when selecting appropriate switching components when planning new systems or the modification of existing systems. High-inrush relays with integrated tungsten feed-in contact and zero-voltage switch for start-up currents up to 800A specially developed for such applications ensure absolute operating safety. In addition, time functions such as step switches and staircase automatic systems can be realised. Contactors with double-interrupting contacts and an on-off function are particularly suitable for the installation in areas with start-up currents of up to 150A.

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Cannabis – The underestimated miracle plant

Even in ancient times, Cannabis sativa – as the plant is known in Latin – was used as a medicinal plant in a number of different civilisations. The two key active ingredients it contains are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which can be used to treat chronic pain and muscle spasms, and can also effect an improvement in a person’s mood. Cannabis offers benefits that other active ingredients cannot. The human body itself produces similar substances, which take effect via receptors in the central nervous system that are also receptive to the active ingredients in cannabis. In medicine, appropriate preparations are prescribed to people suffering from chronic illnesses, in particular to those for whom conventional pain medication causes nausea or is no longer effective. Therefore, cannabis is not just an illegal narcotic, it is also a component of effective medicines which are being approved as prescription drugs in an increasing number of countries.

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Monitoring, alerting, remote control

Today the mobile world makes it possible for us to receive information about events and changes in real time and to react in a matter of seconds. Transferred to our own home we find out that the operating status of the respective technical devices are not known. We often only notice it hours later when part of the system does not work. As a compact monitoring system, the SMS relay provides the solution. Malfunction notifications of various modules can be connected regardless of the manufacturer. Furthermore, an evaluation of temperature and fill level sensors is also possible directly from the device. An SMS notification is sent immediately when a set threshold value is no longer achieved. Then appropriate control tasks can be performed by the SMS relay with a simple command given by a telephone call or text message (SMS). Common areas of use are heating systems and the monitoring of fill levels. This system can be easily retrofitted in existing residential and commercial buildings.

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