Energy technology

Anwendungsbereiche - Energie

ComatReleco monitoring and measuring relays are part of a family of modules that range from simple applications in the field to the command level in management. Finely tuned to the requirements in the field, the devices impress with their simple mounting and handling. Complex devices exhibit the software setup of tools, which ensure the user the fast availability of the devices in the field.


Heat – wherever it is needed

Cosy temperatures in wintertime are taken for granted in this country. It is simply inconceivable that employees in administrative buildings sit in front of screens in their coats or that warmer blankets are distributed in hospitals because the heating is not working.

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Electricity and service – all from one source

Have you ever had your nerves frayed from being sent from pillar to post because of something as trivial as a defective outdoor light? An energy supply model known as «energy contracting» is gaining acceptance in the real estate industry. In this model, one company offers all services, from the construction of the supply lines to commissioning and maintenance. Customers have a single point of contact for the energy supply to their property.

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Nuclear industry

Today nuclear facilities, such as nuclear power plants or reprocessing plants must satisfy the largest possible safety requirements. The radiation effect on human beings and the environment that occurs when the plant is running must be kept as low as possible both during normal operations as well as during potential malfunctions. Therefore, the safety of a nuclear power plant is equal to the reliability of the staff and the technical equipment used. Mirion Technologies, an internationally recognised manufacturer of metering and monitoring systems for the nuclear power branch relies on the performance portfolio of ComatReleco. Above all, it is the combination of customer and branch-specific services and corresponding products that is convincing. Specially adjusted delivery processes, a constant availability of production, review and quality certificates and the series availability of industrial relays with long life features guarantee the user a high degree of operating safety.