Industrial and process technology


ComatReleco provides a comprehensive portfolio of digital and analogue switching devices as well as measuring and monitoring relays   an. Developed for use in demanding industrial environments, the durability of our products and so the high system availability is our declared goal. ComatReleco invests predominantly in products that are easy to mount and install and have a no-maintenance connection technology.


Water treatment system with control V430

Historic paddle steamers enjoy great popularity as an excursion destination and are therefore kept in technically perfect condition at great expense and modernized in accordance with today’s requirements.
The paddle steamer «Stadt Rapperswil» of the Lake Zurich Navigation Company was in the Wollishofen shipyard last year for an overhaul. The technical overhaul also included the installation of a drinking water treatment plant that can generate drinking water directly from the lake water.

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Asiatischer Elefant Elephas maximus; Ruwani

Intelligent feeding system for
elephants – with electronically controlled feed boxes

Elephants living in a zoo need something to keep them occupied. So what could be better than to make a game of obtaining food? One way of doing this is to use feed boxes. The feed is only available for a certain amount of time, so the elephants have to seek out the boxes and touch them to find out whether any feed is available. Not only does this keep these majestic animals occupied, it also ensures that they have to move around a lot.

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Bagger in Aktion_1

Industrial electronics in a harsh environment

The harsh environment of gravel plants demands continuous renewal of existing components to guarantee the operating safety and constant optimisation and expansion to maintain their competitive position. The Kieswerk Daepp AG and its subsidiaries have followed this path for years now. That is why proven, and tested technology was chosen to realise the refurbishing of the cement mixing plant. All process sequences from lighting to the agitator are solved using a particularly modular and flexible control system. The sensitive semiconductor outputs are separated from the rest of the system using interface relays. For correct feeding of the plant the fill levels of the hoppers are recorded using ultrasonic sensors and processed in control system that can be operated using a VNC application. A WLAN network that spans the plant makes it possible to control the raw material supply from any position using mobile tablet PCs or smartphones.

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Functionality in the switchgear cabinet

In modern HVAC switchgears a variety of different control and monitoring tasks must be solved. The Bieri Elektrotechnik AG, a company that produces switchgears and plans projects relies on the proven products by ComatReleco. The power supply is already checked directly using a voltage monitoring module during the feeding. Over- or undervoltage or a connection that is not phase sequence correct can cause damage to the switchgear cabinet. Often the effects of such at first invisible events occur gradually and are only noticed when damage has already been done. The air flaps for fresh air and exhaust air are controlled using industry contactors. Feedback on the switching status is given via the integrated signal contacts. In addition, different contact variations permit the use for diverse switching situations. Miniature industry relays with up to four integrated changeover contacts can manage signals that branch out over multiple plant components, such as fault messages.

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