Transport and traffic technology


Construction, installation and maintenance of road traffic control and safety systems (signboards, light signal systems, crash barriers, street lighting, etc.), passenger traffic, freight traffic and traffic control systems for road, rail, air, water and pipelines are all terms used in the transport and traffic technology sector. A very dynamic and diversified field of application for which ComatReleco offers innovative, specialised and high-quality components and which are in use since many years.


Stop on demand

Providing services according to demand also poses challenges for transportation companies. The number of passengers can fluctuate seasonally or depend on the weather. Flexible responses to changing traffic

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Maintenance of national roads – Remote monitoring made easy

Motorists want to get to their destination by the fastest route. Delays or traffic jams due to technical breakdowns of the infrastructure are particularly unwelcome and the demands on technical road maintenance are increasing. Without technical support, timely maintenance of the road network in remote or widespread areas is not feasible. With the CMS-10R messaging system, even large-scale traffic infrastructures can be centrally monitored.

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highway, autobahn in front of Gotthard tunnel, 17 km long, to Italy

Light behind the tunnel

About a year ago, in December 2019, the implementation project for the construction of the second tunnel through the Gotthard was approved. The electrical installations of the existing tunnel have now been in operation for 40 years and are no longer state of the art. The renovation of the operational safety installations and the building services was a prerequisite for the start of construction of the second tunnel. The CHI34 series power relays provide reliable lighting in the operations and maintenance centres.

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Experience future mobility − today

Mobility is in transition. Whereas means of transportation used to be almost exclusively equipped with a combustion engine, today more and more vehicles have alternative drive concepts. The company ETRIX AG develops electric scooters that are supplied with power using an exchangeable, durable and low-maintenance battery. This is a central component of the system and can be replaced in seconds if necessary. High-performance batteries are not harmless. Charging these highly sensitive units must be continuously monitored in order to rule out overloads and the associated risk of fire. Overloading can additionally result in a reduced service life of the battery. Therefore, all battery packs are monitored online. A suitable voltage monitoring relay is used which can be used in small and low-voltage units thanks to its broad measuring range. In case of overload, the system isolates the charging system from the grid and so ensures full operating safety.

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Safety in road tunnels

Facilities in road tunnels are always subjected to ever stricter standards and guidelines. Existing structures often must be upgraded. Special attention is paid here to the tunnel lighting. For safety reasons these must always be fully functional. In order to meet the safety requirements, the monitoring circuits exclusively use products with an appropriately high-quality standard. Groupe E, the first company that was certified for the construction of such low-voltage switching device combinations, therefore employs a current monitoring relay to monitor the lighting functionality that is tested and passed by the Federal Road Office for the use in the direct environment of road traffic. The devices continuously measure the current consumption of the lighting and register any changes. The power consumption falls if a light fixture fails. If the value falls below a certain threshold value an echo is sent to the control centre via a potential-free contact. This way corresponding status signals are generated, which promptly initiate the replacement of defective light fixtures by the service staff.

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