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Replacement for Biral Urinal Controler US 89, US92, BS 01 R and BS 01 K

UTR13 was developed as the urinal controller US 89, US 92, BS 01 R and BS 01 K were discontinued by Biral, the pump supplier. Those controllers work with a conductive urinal control system. The device detects the conductance of the water over electrodes in the syphon of the urinal. The conductance decreases as soon as urine enters the syphon of the urinal. When the switching threshold is reached and the set waiting time has lapsed, the UTR activates the magnet valve over a semiconductor outlet and so triggers the flushing process. This reduces water usage to a minimum and the flush is only activated when it is necessary. This technology is viewed as proven on the market and is very popular especially in public buildings, since the control system functions completely sealed, and it is 100% vandal-proof.

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Installation Contactors

A classic industrial relay is not suitable for the switching of the rotation direction of direct current motors (utilisation category DC-5). There is still the requirement to use an electromechanic switching device for this application. This is justified by the compact design, the fast mounting and, finally, the costs. However, compromises must be made regarding the service life – and this is a significant drawback. This is when the unconventional idea was formed to equip an installation contactor of the series RIC25 with four make or break contacts with two changeover contacts. The large contact area and the double-break contacts are perfectly suitable for switching DC motors in the respective performance area. These features ensure that the required service life and so the high availability of the system is achieved. Thanks to our flexibility in engineering, we can deliver first prototypes already after three weeks for initial tests on the field. The product is meanwhile available ex stock under the reference RIC25-002/UC24V.

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