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In addition to screw and cage clamp terminals, the CRINT Interface relays are now also available with push-in terminals.
ComatReleco’s push in relay sockets are now also available as SETs with selected industrial relays. This simplifies procurement and warehousing. The sets are based on the signal and power relays that are established in the market and used by the majority. They not only save you time during assembly and wiring, but also when mounting the components in the control cabinet.
CMS-10R event log
The CMS‑10R messaging system with IoT portal handles remote monitoring and switching with ease. You can keep track of the monitored devices and systems and manage the software centrally. With the new Event logging function, system messages can be evaluated even more easily.

16 June 2018

MRE Energy meter

In this time of energy transformation, it is increasingly important to have knowledge of a complete system's energy use or an individual output. The optimisation of energy flows from infrastructural and industrial systems no longer exclusively concerns typical energy-intensive companies, but also KMUs in industrial and service provision sectors. Also, previous knowledge of service requirements of performance components and the optimal utilisation of distribution branch points are important subjects in a modern automation environment. These tasks require a measuring infrastructure that performs well and which can be scaled according to various needs and topologies.