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In the continuous improvement of the ComatReleco IoT offering, we would like to inform you on the release of new software versions.

21 November 2019


MakeHeatSimple is an initiative by SwissEnergy and its numerous partners to reduce the energy costs of second homes. By installing remote control systems for heating systems, more than 2000 GWh/year could be saved in about 700,000 second homes in Switzerland alone.
In the continuous improvement of the ComatReleco IoT offering, we would like to inform you on the release of new software versions.
The CMS-10R replaces the widely used "ComatReleco SMS Relay CMS-10".
Current and voltage monitoring relays are being used not only to protect systems and persons, but also in process management. ComatReleco measuring devices are the perfect support for users’ needs in the field, right up to supervisory and management level.
Enormous pressure in the field where project costs are concerned call for an increase in efficiency in switchgear construction. But what exactly does efficiency mean in switchgear construction? At ComatReleco, we follow two primary goals. We focus on the technical properties as well as the added value achievable for each application.Starting from the fourth quarter of 2018, we will commence roll-out of the ComatReleco push-in socket for our C9 relay. The sockets for the C7, C10, C12 and C3 relays will follow successively.

28 October 2018

Workshop Relay

We will use this workshop to demonstrate how relays and contactors are used. The properties of each application also involve corresponding requirements on the switching components. Knowing all about the application is essential for optimal dimensioning.

16 June 2018

MRE Energy meter

In this time of energy transformation, it is increasingly important to have knowledge of a complete system's energy use or an individual output. The optimisation of energy flows from infrastructural and industrial systems no longer exclusively concerns typical energy-intensive companies, but also KMUs in industrial and service provision sectors. Also, previous knowledge of service requirements of performance components and the optimal utilisation of distribution branch points are important subjects in a modern automation environment. These tasks require a measuring infrastructure that performs well and which can be scaled according to various needs and topologies.
Power supply stability has an increasing influence on the availability and service life of electrical devices as well as on reliability in modern manufacturing processes. The MBU voltage monitoring device was specifically designed for that purpose: to detect deviations from nominal values in the applicable power supply.
Modern light sources such as LEDs or fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts have an inrush current that is 250 times higher than their nominal current — a challenge for switching components. The CHI series power relays were developed specifically for applications in the field of lighting technology, and are correspondingly equipped for the switching of high inrush currents.

16 December 2017

New product labels

As part of our portfolio maintenance measures, we have updated our product labels. It is important to us for you to be able to find all the necessary information on the product in order to put the device into operation without any problems.
Comat AG became ComatReleco Ltd. on Sept 7, 2017. We finally executed on how we acted since many years. Under the name ComatReleco AG we will be active nationally and internationally in the future.