Push-in relay sockets new available as set

ComatReleco’s push‑in relay sockets are now also available as SETs with selected industrial relays. This simplifies procurement and warehousing. The sets are based on the signal and power relays that are established in the market and used by the majority. They not only save you time during assembly and wiring, but also when mounting the components in the control cabinet.

Compact. Practical. Unique!
This is just what the SETs are too: they combine the unique advantages of the ComatReleco push‑in socket family with the outstanding features of ComatReleco industrial relays.

Push‑in Industrial Relay Sets
Available packaging unit: 10 pcs.

SET consisting of relay C7‑A20DX/DC24V and Push‑in socket S7‑PI

SET consisting of relay C7‑A20X/AC230V and Push‑in socket S7‑PI

SET consisting of relay C9‑A41DX/DC24V and Push‑in socket S9‑PI

SET consisting of relay C9‑A41X/AC230V and Push‑in socket S9‑PI

SET consisting of relay C10‑A10X/DC24V and Push‑in socket S10‑PI

SET consisting of relay C10‑A10X/AC230V and Push‑in socket S10‑PI

SET consisting of relay C12‑A21X/DC24V and Push‑in socket S12‑PI

SET consisting of relay C12‑A21X/AC230V and Push‑in socket S12‑PI