CMS-10R – Messaging system with new functions

CMS-10R event log

The CMS‑10R messaging system with IoT portal handles remote monitoring and switching with ease. You can keep track of the monitored devices and systems and manage the software centrally.

CMS‑10R messaging system
Incidents in industrial and building technology often require immediate corrective action. The CMS‑10R messaging system monitors the operation of decentralized plants and devices and alerts specific recipients when defined limits are exceeded or not reached. The response time is shortened and damage is prevented.

The IoT portal – the command center with new functions
The IoT portal is the interface between humans and technology. System notifications and messages for all monitoring points are recorded and stored here.

With the new Event logging function, system messages can be evaluated even more easily. For each device, all messages are listed in a table with a time stamp. The collected data can be filtered and evaluated according to certain criteria and exported in CSV format for further processing in other systems.

The logs from several devices can be merged in this way and displayed and compared on a single overview. This function is new and, following a software update, is now available to all IoT portal users for all paired devices ‑ even for devices that have already been installed!

Notifications are triggered via the IoT portal when deviations from target operation occur. At present, messages are sent via push email or text message.

Starting in May 2022, voice messaging will be selectable as a new additional option for immediate notification in the event of an incident. This is suitable wherever plants are monitored day and night and notifications need to be heard and acknowledged. If a scenario is triggered by an incident, the device calls the target number and a voice generator reads out the agreed message. All available portal languages are supported, currently German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, English and Portuguese.

Also starting in May 2022, pager technology will be integrated into the IoT portal. This application is ideal for technical personnel involved in building maintenance (of hospitals, production plants, etc.) or in the municipal sector (fire department, works yard, water supply, etc.) because the existing alarm technology can be used for additional monitoring tasks.

All extensions are fully integrated into the existing systems and are available for each CMS‑10R device after a software update. Updates can be conveniently performed from the IoT portal at the click of a mouse, wherever and whenever you want.

Users of the IoT portal benefit from ongoing and future updates at no additional cost, preserving the value of their investment.

The IoT portal – operation now even more intuitive
The interface for controlling the IoT portal has been updated and is more user‑friendly and intuitive. Devices and functions can be easily assembled and visually displayed so that configurations can be identified at a glance. Complex connections are clearly presented.

The IoT portal – your on‑site support
The IoT portal not only keeps all data for the connected devices available, it also supports the user with further information such as video tutorials, application documentation and a database with the most frequently asked questions and answers.