New overcurrent protection relay for railway applications

The new MRS13R provides an effective and flexible protection solution against excessive currents and short circuit impacts. The relay ensures quick and precise activation in case of overcurrent conditions. It instantly triggers a circuit breaker which safely and reliably disconnects the circuit from supply voltage to prevent severe damage from overloads or short circuits.

This combination significantly enhances the operational safety, reliability, and recoverability of electrical  systems in trainborne applications.

The MRS13R features an extremely fast response to overcurrent events, fully meeting the demands and expectations of our customers in the railway industry. The product was developed in close collaboration with one of our customers to address their specific needs. The quick response time of the MRS13R addresses the customer concern of increasing operational safety in critical applications.

The principle diagram of an overcurrent protection system with the MRS13R is as follows:

Fig. 1 Use of an MRS13R in a typical system for overcurrent detection and load disconnection.

Unlike conventional solutions, the overcurrent protection relay MRS13R from ComatReleco allows many parameters to be individually configured. This level of adaptability enables the protective functions to be optimally tailored to the specific requirements of various applications.

The MRS13R is on the right track for the railway market!

ComatReleco stands for innovation and customer orientation. We take pride in developing individual products in close co-operation with our customers that are tailored to their specific needs. If you are looking for a customised solution for your special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can conceive innovative products that meet your highest standards.

We look forward to developing track-record solutions with you.

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