Eurasia Rail is an international trade fair of rolling stock, infrastructure and logistics.
All about automation allows you to experience systems, components, software and engineering for industrial automation and industrial communication.
COMPACT. CONVENIENT. UNIQUE. High integration density in the control cabinet and fast wiring are essential prerequisites for innovative and economically attractive installation solutions. With the compact push-in relay socket family for tool-free DIN rail mounting, ComatReleco offers a new alternative to existing products with a space saving of up to 25%.
After a complicated 2020 for many of us, we have started 2021 with a lot of enthusiasm. Nevertheless, we soon found ourselves facing the same challenges as in March 2020, especially with regard to home office. Compared to last year, the transition was smooth this time, as the first lockdown has prompted us to accelerate internal digitization processes in the second half of 2020. This included the introduction of IP telephony, tools for collaborative working and a workflow system.
Middle East Energy is positioned as a global energy event with exhibitors and attendees converging from all over the world.
We are proud to have received an award for CO2 reduction for our remote monitoring and control device CMS-10R messaging system from Swisscom.

21. November 2019


MakeHeatSimple is an initiative by SwissEnergy and its numerous partners to reduce the energy costs of second homes. By installing remote control systems for heating systems, more than 2000 GWh/year could be saved in about 700,000 second homes in Switzerland alone.