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Since the first confirmed case of Covid in Switzerland on 24 February 2020, having professional, functioning supply chains has gained in importance and was rapidly promoted to being critical to success. We are proud of our “World of Relays” slogan, and do our utmost to offer our customers a wide-ranging, specialised product portfolio of over 5,000 active sales products.

The shortage of semiconductors we keep hearing about in the press has represented a challenge for many companies right across the spectrum. Our products come from several semi-finished products which in turn are made up of a number of different individual components. Just one missing component can result in bottlenecks manufacturing different products for sale. I’d like to mention first of all that we weren’t spared the bad tidings or shortages in materials, however, it was our ability to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances that was decisive in our success. The impressive innovative capacity and agility
of the SMEs located in Worb contributed to what would ultimately become a profitable situation. The workforce at ComatReleco AG really pulled together to find common solutions, including numerous redesigns being implemented in record time, procurement parameters being adjusted, new purchasing tools being rolled out to ensure improved oversight, systematic supervisory controls being set up and exchange with all the production facilities being stepped up. As a preventative measure, safety stocks of critical components and parts were increased to ensure continued production. External transport logistics also affected our supply chain: Sticking to customer delivery schedules was prioritised from the very beginning, which meant that a number of stock transfers were carried out by air rather than by sea. Maintaining profitability played, naturally, a central role to guarantee high service levels long-term.

We now look forward to the future with optimism, and look forward to using what we’ve learnt over the last couple of years to provide an even better experience for our customers.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition!

Silvan Benedikt Meier, COO

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