Patent obtained for push-in relay socket

We are pleased to announce that we have received the U.S. patent for the Push-in Relay Sockets from the United States Patent Office with patent number “US011495894B2”. Further patent confirmations from other markets will follow.

The power of engineering lies in looking at requirements from all possible perspectives and then finding the best possible solution. Often, a successful project requires some courage to take different paths. History teaches us time and again that success can come from this ideological endeavour. The best example from the past is the invention and persistent implementation of screwless connection technology for electrical conductors in industry. Today, every well-known manufacturer of corresponding products has almost a 100% portfolio of screwless connections. The same is currently taking place in the field of electromobility. The pioneers of this technology were first ridiculed and are now the standard that the competition is cutting its teeth on.

More information on push-in sockets

At ComatReleco it was not quite so dramatic. We have combined existing technologies and solutions into a unique product and created some unique selling points in the process. These include the reduced size of the relay base due to the geometric arrangement of the terminal cages. This also results in two individual connection cages per pole from 0.34 mm² to 2.5 mm². Wiring simplification is achieved through the use of jumpers and the ideal use of a labelling strip for permanent and clear labelling in the control cabinet. The tool-free assembly and disassembly of the base is then just one more plus. This product is particularly suitable where there is a lot of wiring. The time saved and the space saved in the control cabinet are above average.