ComatReleco Push-in socket family

Save space

25% on average space saving compared to other brands in the market

1-click mounting

1-click mounting on TH35 DIN rails, no tools required

Simultaneous release of multiple wires with OT-PI kit or…..

……..individual release of single wires with ISO 2380-1 shape A operating tool.

Uniform bridge bars

Uniform A2-bridge bar for control circuit ports across the Push-in relay socket family

Uniform 2- and 4-way main circuit potential bridge bars.The 4-way bridge bar can be configured by simply removing pins. The invisible pin-configuration can be indicated by standard marker pens.

Snap-in mechanism for 11 mm marking strip

Snap-in mechanism for 11 mm marker strips. Suitable for standard label printers. Pre-defined label layout scripts are available for download further down below

ComatReleco’s Push-in relay socket family comprises 4 different socket types each for automation and installation and for railway applications.

For automation and installation applications

For railway applications


Detailed information, documents and CAD models are available for download below.

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