MRE Energy meter

In this time of energy transformation, it is increasingly important to have knowledge of a complete system’s energy use or an individual output. The optimisation of energy flows from infrastructural and industrial systems no longer exclusively concerns typical energy-intensive companies, but also KMUs in industrial and service provision sectors. Also, previous knowledge of service requirements of performance components and the optimal utilisation of distribution branch points are important subjects in a modern automation environment. These tasks require a measuring infrastructure that performs well and which can be scaled according to various needs and topologies.

The MRE-44S/DC24V is a compact energy-measuring device for high-precision acquisition of all electrical variables. It can be implemented in all grid systems at a frequency of 30–65 Hz. As a result of the high accuracy grade (current 0.1, voltage 0.05) and numerous features that can be enabled – such as an expansion of the grid frequency range from 15 Hz to 400 Hz, a complete power quality analysis and the analysis of harmonics up to 50 kHz – it can be versatilely implemented for nearly all measuring tasks in relation to electric infrastructure in industrial, office and administrative buildings.

The integrated web server allows for the MRE to be configured manageably and in relation to the application with a few clicks. The integrated search function allows for quick location of the desired parameters. Important variables can be compiled into a favourites list and displayed graphically. Two access levels protect the device from unauthorised access and ensure a high degree of security.

For data recording, an effective data logger is provided. Thereby data measured from several MREs can be summarised and graphically displayed and reports generated as well.

The advantages are:

  • High-precision measuring, collection and storage of all important electrical variables. For identification of savings potentials and deviations in the context of energy management as per EN 50001.
  • Monitoring of power quality (PQ) through complete PQ analysis and comprehensive gathering of harmonics up to 50 kHz. Monitoring of individual users or entire networks allows for the identification of PQ problems or the monitoring of critical components.
  • Continuous service through an integrated web browser for visualisation and parametrising. Quick access to all relevant data at all times by means of mobile devices or laptops – without additional software.
  • Efficient logging of measurement data of several MREs by means of a data logger allows for long-term analyses in high resolution and can also be used for statistical data analysis and fault prognosis.

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