Frequently asked questions

Users / Machines


– How can a user be added?
➔ In the IoT-Portal under Users / Machines, select the button Add a user. Select the rights (Status access, Control access, Manage access) and send the invitation by SMS or e-mail. See instructions (Link).


– How can a machine (telephone or alarm server, etc.) be added?
➔ In the IoT Portal under Users / Machines, select the button Add a machine. Enter and confirm Machine name and Phone number or E-mail address. You have the possibility to send a Test message (max. 30 characters in GSM-7 character set) to the machine. See the instructions (Link). By default, the messages to such a machine are sent using the UCS2 character set. If only characters from the GSM7 character set are sent, the GSM7 character set is used.


– What is the phone number when the machine sends an SMS to the machine?
➔ The telephone number in Switzerland is +41 79 807 20 06 and abroad +1 917 746 07 51. we recommend that you save this number in the mobile telephone device under CoReM.


– How do I set up a pager function (telepage pager)?
➔ The pager function is set up under Users / Machines by adding a new machine. The number of the pager is entered in the telephone number field. To test the pager function you can send a test message. For each pager notification, 1 SMS is deducted from the SMS account. Under Notifications (Manage, Inputs and Outputs), the telepage pager can be added as a message recipient. The stored texts are sent to the pager as SMS.