Frequently asked questions



– How can measurement errors of the analogue inputs be corrected?
➔ Adjust the Min. and Max. value under the corresponding input according to the deviation (+/-).


– Why is the device not connected?
➔ Check on the unit whether 2G, 3G or 4G is lit and RUN is flashing. Check the Connection status in the IoT Portal under Overview (Connected or not connected: Last connection: Update the connection status with Refresh or F5.


– How can the mobile network connection be improved?
➔ Check the signal strength (2G < -102, 3G < -103.7, 4G < -93.3 dBm) and provider (Swisscom for CH) in the IoT Portal under Overview/Connection/Mobile network. Otherwise install a magnetic base antenna with 2.5m cable or an external antenna with 5m cable (Link) and appropriate antenna extension of 5, 10 or 20m.


– Why does it deduct more than one SMS for a message?
➔ A maximum of 160 characters in the GSM standard coding alphabet can be used per SMS message. However, if characters are sent that are not contained in this alphabet (special characters, Greek alphabet, Cyrillic characters, etc.), the system automatically switches to UCS-2 coding. The maximum length of an SMS is now only 70 characters. If the max. length is exceeded, concatenated SMS are sent. One SMS is deducted per segment.