Frequently asked questions


– How can measurement errors of the analogue inputs be corrected?
➔ Adjust the Min. and Max. value under the corresponding input according to the deviation (+/-).
– Why is the device not connected?
➔ Check on the unit whether 2G, 3G or 4G is lit and RUN is flashing.
Check the Connection status in the IoT Portal under Overview (Connected or not connected: Last connection:
Update the connection status with Refresh or F5.
– How can the mobile network connection be improved?
➔ Check the signal strength (2G < -102, 3G < -103.7, 4G < -93.3 dBm) and provider (Swisscom for CH) in the IoT Portal
under Overview/Connection/Mobile network. Otherwise install a magnetic base antenna with 2.5m cable or an external
antenna with 5m cable (Link) and appropriate antenna extension of 5, 10 or 20m.

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