Frequently asked questions

Create account on the IoT Portal

– Which web browser can be used for the ComatReleco IoT portal
➔ We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These must be up-to-date (this can be checked under Help/via Google
Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Microsoft Edge from version 83.0.478.64 onwards also works.
– How can I connect to the IoT Portal for the first time?
➔ Log on to the website and fill in all the required fields. With your email and password you will
connect to the IoT-Portal. See CMS-10R user manual (Link).
– Why am I not receiving an email?
➔ Check the device configuration and check the spam filter and firewall settings.
– How can I reset my password?
➔ In the IoT Portal, click the Reset Password button and enter the e-mail address used for this account. You will receive an email with a link to reset my password. By clicking on the link, you can create and confirm a new password.

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