Frequently asked questions



– Where can I manage the device?
➔ In the IoT Portal under Manage/Settings (cogwheel symbol) Manage your device You can Unpair the device, Import configuration (e.g. when changing devices) and Export configuration (e.g. for a backup) or Delete it.


– Where can I edit the device name?
➔ In the IoT-Portal under Manage/Edit/Rename adapt the device name.


– How can the owner of the device be changed?
➔ In the IoT Portal under Manage, select the Change owner button. See instructions (Link).


– How can the installer be removed?
➔ In the IoT Portal under Manage, select the Remove installer button. See instructions (Link).


– Where can I set the time zone?
➔ The current time zone can be set in the IoT Portal under Manage/Device time zone or by activating the UTC time zone switch.


The device is located in Zurich: winter time = UTC+01:00, summer time = UTC+02:00
The device is located in New York: winter time = UTC-05:00, summer time = UTC-04:00
The device is located in Hong Kong: winter time = UTC+08:00, summer time = identical


– How do I set the notification of events?
➔ In the IoT-Portal under Manage, you can use the respective switch to set the events such as Startup, Connected, Shutdown, Disconnected, Reset button, Period event count reached, Periodic status report (Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly) and Test button activated, as well as to provide an individual Message (max. 30 characters). Under Notifications Users / Machines and their notification (Push, SMS, e-mail) can be selected. The number of message recipients depends on the service profile.


– How does the SMS outbound control work?
➔ In the IoT Portal under Manage you can activate the Help message to allow the message recipient to request SMS output control messages.