• C55.4 | Time relay, 1 pole

    C55.4/DC24V  R
    C55.4/DC24V  R
    Power relay Control relay
    C55.4/DC24V R
    - Changeover contacts
    - Contact material AgNi
    - 2 A @ 30 V DC
    - Time functions: E, W, H, B, I, A, K, N, M, G, F, Q, U, V

    Solid state AC: 1
    Rated current DC-1: 2 A
    Rated voltage DC: 30 V
    Minimum current: 1 mA
    Minimum voltage: 5 V
    Versorgungsspannung: DC
    Nominal supply voltage min.: 24 V
    Nominal supply voltage max.: 24 V

    E = On delay
    A = Off delay
    F = On and off delay
    W = One shot leading edge
    N = One shot trailing edge
    Q = One shot leading and trailing edge
    K = Puls shaping
    M = Puls shaping
    B = Blinker (Pulse start)
    G = On delay single shot
    H = On delay single shot
    I = Repeat cycle timer (Pulse start)
    P = Repeat cycle start (Interval start)
    Pulse sequence monitoring (U)
    Pulse sequence monitoring (V)