WORLD-CLASS – The space-saving PUSH-IN socket by ComatReleco

Enormous pressure in the field where project costs are concerned call for an increase in efficiency in switchgear construction. But what exactly does efficiency mean in switchgear construction? At ComatReleco, we follow two primary goals. We focus on the technical properties as well as the added value achievable for each application.Starting from the fourth quarter of 2018, we will commence roll-out of the ComatReleco push-in socket for our C9 relay. The sockets for the C7, C10, C12 and C3 relays will follow successively.

Family: The new relay sockets from ComatReleco form a family. All relay sockets can be combined with each other. The Socket Labeling is consistent, the uniform bridges connect potentials and the functional modules bring intelligence into the relay application. In addition to timer modules, protective and suppression modules are also available. The optional accessories have been reduced to a few components which can be used with all relay sockets.

Design: The new family of relay sockets is based on an identical design. The relay sockets of the type series C7/C9 and C10/C12 have for themselves the same size. Components which match visually on the mounting rail also fit in the cabinet where size is concerned. The sockets have practically the same width as the relays themselves. Compared to the competition, the vertical configuration of the connection cages results in at least a 20% reduction in width and total surface of the socket.

Push-In connection technology: The ComatReleco PushIn connection technology makes it possible to connect solid conductors as well as stranded wire. Solid conductors in the form of wire or stranded wire with ferrule terminals are inserted without tools. For connecting fine wires or stranded wire without pre-handling of the conductor, the contact cavity needs to be opened with a commercially available screwdriver. The tool entry fixture is also designed for the contacting of test and measurement devices. With this connection technology, a significant amount of time can be saved when performing wiring. The holding and pull-out force correspond to the respective cross-section of the conductor inserted. Thanks to the vertical configuration of the connection cages, two independent conductor terminals are available per pole. These connection cages are compatible with conductor cross sections ranging from 0.25mm2 to 1.5mm2. Hence, the patented connection solution by ComatReleco is also an excellent choice when using wiring robots to connect the relay sockets.

Label strips: The relay socket family by ComatReleco also allows for the use of WAGO label strips, which have been available on the market for several years. With the WAGO smartSCRIPT software, you can individually tailor the label strips to your needs. The necessary infrastructure is generally already available from the switchgear manufacturer. Labelling components in the switch cabinets has never been faster and more straightforward.

Functional modules: Whether it is product handling or functionality — with the functional modules, you get even more added value. Our industrial relays with integrated “Auto – On – Pulse” manual controls have led the market for years and offer advantages during maintenance and servicing. By expanding them with timer modules on the socket, these relays become intelligent, and can independently manage simple control tasks. Just as before, connectible suppression devices are indispensable for functional safety as well as the longevity of the contacts.

Wiring accessories: These optional accessories further simply handling and logistics costs. A jumper for connecting identical potentials and a staggered jumper for connecting the reference potentials between the sockets for control and power relays round off the optimal handling of this socket family.

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