Comat AG becomes ComatReleco AG

Please note that Comat AG became ComatReleco Ltd. on Sept 7, 2017. We finally executed on how we acted since many years. In 2006 Comat AG (Switzerland) acquired Releco SA (Spain). During the following years the activities of both companies where combined and since 2012 exclusively managed from our headquarters in Switzerland. Therefore the change now to ComatReleco. This goes along with a change of Email addresses (new:

As before you will find all information about our company and the products on as well as Within the first quarter of 2018 we will integrate those two web sites into one named Followed a bit later by a purely knowledge based web site covering all topics and information within the World of Relays, named In the future, we will operate nationally and internationally under the name ComatReleco AG. Up to now, different product colours from Comat AG and Releco SA have been available on the market. With the aim of maximum product availability and cost-optimized stock management, the new product colour for industrial relays is set to blue worldwide. For railmounted devices, the colour will be light grey, dark grey for power electronics. The conversion of the current product colours will begin in the first quarter of 2018 and as a result of these changes, new EAN numbers and new ELDAS numbers will be created. The type designations of the products remain almost unchanged.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions. We appreciate the collaboration with you and look forward to a successful continuation.